Oh my! More than two months without posting! Let’s get to it, bullet-point style!

  • I’m not dead yet.
  • I am working on a new comic, ETA TBA.
  • I do feel bad for not updating but I figured out I’d better update when I have something worth showing or, as is the case now, when I have something worth telling you.
That “something” is related to the following repost:
Mackenzie Daughter (originally posted on 2011-02-04)

Mackenzie Daughter (originally posted on 2011-02-04)

What I wanted to share with you now is (almost) totally unrelated to anything on this site. You see, one of my favourite Nintendo DS games has just been ported to iOS. Touch Detective is available now in Apple’s app store, and I want to link this game for various reasons; it’s a good game and it deserves the exposure, it’s a game that I think you might enjoy, and finally I hope the game does well enough to warrant the porting of the sequel and (dare I dream?) the creation of further chapters of the saga.

As for why I recommend this game to you, dear readers: it has an offbeat sense of humour and it features a bizarre world that you get to explore as you try to unravel the mysteries you are presented with. And although most of it is just wacky funny stuff (and there’s plenty of that), it also manages to pull at the heartstrings on occasion. In other words: if you enjoyed Imaginary Daughter, there is a rather good chance you will like Touch Detective as well.

Also the first chapter is free so just go ahead and give it a shot.

Disclaimer: I get 10% of sales made through that link. Haha, no, I wish. I’m just a fanboy hoping to convert others into fanboyism as well :D