I hesitate to post this on April 1st, but whatever, it feels fitting somehow. I got my review books today and they’re fine – more than fine, really – so knock yourselves out buying the book over at IndyPlanet.

The book comes with a somewhat hefty price tag of $19.50 (plus shipping and handling) and the store’s preferred paying method is PayPal, though I think they accept credit cards as well.

The printing quality is pretty much what I expected it would be. “Flawless” would be an accurate description of the book’s printing – if not the content, of course. So, yeah, I can now safely recommend that you get it if you feel you can let my own sloppy drawing and writing slide :)

Did I mention the extras? All pages have been re-typed, and the copy itself has been reworked to be, hopefully, better than the original version. All images have been edited, sometimes minimally, sometimes ending up with a lot of changes. A spread was added near the beginning… well, the truth is, you already have seen this or will see it someday, as this is the version of the comic that I’m reposting now.

Of more interest to you, an extra comic was added to the book (just a single-page affair, really), as well as a “commentary track” by Father and Daughter (ten pages of bantering mostly at my expense), and all of this will be print-only content. All in all, 108 pages of Imaginary Daughter goodness. So, yeah. Buy! BUY!! BUY$$$!!!1

Ahem. That’s what I wanted to say, anyway.